Tu Zakhm Hai (2023) Hindi Season 2 Complete Watch Online

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This pacy story highlights the life of Viraj Trehan (Gashmeer Mahajani) – a Hawala King who runs his illegal operations with an iron fist while hiding behind the facade of a real estate mogul. They say opposites attract but nobody would’ve imagined the fiercely independent and strong Kavya Grewal (Donal Bisht), cross paths with the prince of white crime – Viraj Trehan, changing life as they knew it. Circumstances lead Viraj to hold Kavya hostage as a special guest – caged in his dark embrace while love finds mysterious ways to bloom in this otherwise hopeless situation. But when two diametrically different worlds collide, there are consequences beyond imagination. Will Viraj be able to straighten his present and blur his past? Will Kavya work through her emotions and accept what’s truly in her heart? Will Kavya and Viraj find common ground that will allow them to coexist in love?

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Genre: Crime, Drama
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